Explore Nicaragua

Unique and unspoiled, Nicaragua is an enchanting place with uncountable opportunities for adventure. If the beach is your thing, then San Juan del Sur is where you want to be. Beautiful coastline stretches to the North and South along the Pacific coast, making for excellent day trips from El Encanto.

Those who’ve heard of the Big Mac index may be interested in the “McD Model,” a relative measurement of cultural globilization. Put simply, fewer McDonald’s means less touristy and more culturally intact. In the case of Nicaragua, which has only 6 McDonald’s versus Costa Rica’s 50, it is clear where you should go if you’re looking for something new and different.

CountryTotal # of McDonaldsPopulationPeople per McDonalds
Costa Rica544,805,29590,852

Today, after decades of political stability, Nicaragua is on the rise with tourist arrivals topping 1.9 million in 2017. For real estate investors, Nicaragua’s market appeal is also on the upswing as people from the US, Canada and Europe are discovering the lower costs and relaxing pace of life down here.

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