Invest in a Growth Project

For those who want to benefit from the growth of El Encanto without buying a home or a lot, we are now offering investment vehicles that are limited to distinct projects within the development. As the development evolves and as new markets become apparent, we are designing and constructing homes and commercial buildings for rent, sale and operation. These properties are well positioned to earn revenue and rental income, appreciate in value and be sold to incoming members of the El Encanto community.

We would like to offer the opportunity to take part in these projects, so we have created a set of investment vehicles that are distinct from investing in the development as a whole. These investments will finance the construction and operation of specific properties. All rental income and property appreciation at sale will contribute to potentially substantial returns for those who choose to invest.

While these project-specific investments differ from direct investmentin any single lot, the two assets share similar benefits. Both lots and project-specific investments will enjoy the same opportunity to appreciate in value and increase in renting potential as our hilltop, ocean-view clubhouse and other amenities are added. Beyond the growth of El Encanto, each option can be expected to appreciate in value as San Juan del Sur continues to attract both tourists and those looking to build homes here.

To provide an inclusive opportunity and attract a diverse group of investors, El Encanto is offering an array of investment options with a minimum financial commitment of $50,0000.

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Current Investment Opportunity

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For more information about investment opportunities at El Encanto, please contact us using the form below.

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