El Encanto is about more than lots and views. Yes, we have those in abundance and are now the largest development in the San Juan del Sur area. But more than that we’re dedicating to building a different kind of place and community, the kind of place we’d like to live.

We want to be green, not just talk about it. So we’ve dedicated big green spaces to leave room for people and animals alike. We’ve begun reforesting parcels previously cleared for agriculture with native hardwood and other species.

And we want to have fun. So the biking and hiking trails are expanding. The volunteer and community centers are under way, for socializing and helping society. And we’re building treehouses, ‘cause what’s more fun that that?

Here’s a preview of a couple big projects we set in motion in 2015:

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1- Solar micro grid

The new El Encanto Solar Microgrid will provide the Los Suenos, Las Cascadas and La Mesa phases with an elegant balanced power solution that offers the best of all worlds in the real world… it’s “green”, reliable and low-maintenance.
The core power sources in the initial phase are solar, which powers homes primarily during the day, and a grid-tie which handles power needs at night and backup.

We will be offering this power service to our home-owners at or below the going market rate for electricity in Nicaragua. So with all this, you can expect to enjoy your drinks with ice while you watch the sunset, your homes cooled and your tunes on while being Green!

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1) On-site renewable sources (solar Phase 1, + wind in Phase 2).
2) Renewable power feeds directly to community.
3) Grid power. Itself now 50% renewable (wind, geothermal and hydro)
4) Central power management (with battery storage).
5) Additional green space reserved for solar/wind expansion as needed.

2- Arts & Ecology Center

This is a big one… 10.5 acres dedicated to a volunteer center and retreat that will be focused on a mix of arts, ecology, and volunteering.

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The first round of volunteer housing is nearing completion, with the treehouses breaking ground (or air?) in December 2015. Much more to come, so stay posted!