El Encanto

El Encanto del Sur is one of those rare developments designed to evolve and grow with our community. By building an ecosystem of homes, businesses, services and gathering places, we aim to provide a self-sustaining haven for a spectrum of cultures and a diversity of perspectives.


When El Encanto del Sur was founded in 2006, a set of ideas were laid down to guide growth: embrace sustainability and support diversity. This philosophy becomes visibly apparent as soon as you visit. Acres of raw, untouched forest provide green corridors between lots and account for nearly 40% of the entire development, and soon our solar grid will be ready to power the homes of our residents. Young and old, local and international, the emergent mix of individuals and families who have recognized the opportunity here and set out to build an energetic, adventurous community, is stunning.

We’ve sold out our initial phases and we are now completing the infrastructure to enable lot owners to build in our Cascadas, Mesas and Montecito lots. If you’re interested, reach out to us below and we will be happy to give you a tour or tell you more about the properties. It’s an open invitation – welcome one and all!

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TreeCasa Resort

If you’d like to visit, we recommend a stay at TreeCasa Resort. TreeCasa’s canopy suites and farm-to-table restaurant provide a refined and immersive experience in the hills of San Juan. We offer free tours on horseback or by car from the resort, which is located at the heart of the El Encanto village.