Sunset Lookouts

With views of the Pacific from Costa Rica to Playa Majagual in the north, Los Suenos have some of the best sunset lookouts in San Juan del Sur. Most lots in Los Suenos lie in a clearing on a soft incline between the treeline and the hilltop, each benefitting from the cool breezes blowing in from the ocean. Our Canopy lots – the parcels just to the south of Los Suenos – include stunning views up into the forests on the continental divide and all the way down to the Rana Caliente stream below. Social opportunities abound here, with TreeCasa Resort a few hundred meters down the road.


Hiking and mountain biking trails surround Los Suenos, weaving their way through the Montecito and Mesas phases west into El Encanto’s largest green corridor, Valle Encanto. The 17 lots in Los Suenos and the 11 adjacent Canopy lots range from just under a quarter acre to almost an acre. Lots come ready-to-build with wells and water lines already in place. For power, we invite you to use El Encanto’s solar-powered micro-grid for all the benefits of renewable energy without any of the hassles.

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Buying Land in San Juan del Sur

El Encanto del Sur provides more than real estate and custom home designs. By cultivating shared spaces, both indoor and outdoor, we encourage adventure and familiarity among residents. By supplying amenities like clean water, well-maintained roads, and electricity, we support healthy, relaxed lifestyles. Our goal is to build a community designed to grow and evolve, and we welcome those who would build with us.