Cascadas & Mesas


The Master Plan

El Encanto has a great diversity of terrain with phases that offer varied lot sizes and view options. Miles of trails thread within the property, to be taken in on foot, bike or horseback. Each of the phases has it’s own personality and opportunities.


The Casitas phase offers modern rustic styling and the best location for Nicaragua property that’s close to town.  With only 8 lots, it’s an intimate spot in El Encanto perfect for those who want the peace and quiet we’re known for in a conveniently sized package


Just up the hill from Nacascolo, the La Mesa and Las Cascadas phase’s looks over the valley with majestic views toward San Juan Bay in the distance. Lots range from 1/3 acre to an acre. Across from the Mesas, the Cascadas feature large tree-lined lots with ocean views.



Nacascolo is mostly sold out, but those looking for similar opportunities can consider the Casitas if favoring a more turn-key option and the ability to walk to town, or Cascadas, Mesas or Suenos if interested in larger custom homes and bigger




Buying and Building at El Encanto

We’ve assembled some commonly asked questions about the whole process from buying Nicaragua property to building. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions, and be sure to sign up to get a free copy of our Nicaragua Property Buying Guide.

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How can I be sure of ownership, title, etc?

All lots at El Encanto are sold and owned as “fee simple”, meaning that the owners have complete ownership of the land and the home on it, subject to any mortgages/loans you may take out on the property. Basically, it’s the same legal structure and process for buying and owning a lot as in the U.S. In contrast, some lots (primarily those right on the coast) in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and other Central American countries are titled as “concession”, which more or less means “leased” vs owned outright. Concession lots can also mean a lot of trouble if not thoroughly vetted by your own lawyer, but in any case you don’t need to worry about that at El Encanto.

Are there any restrictions for re-selling lots or homes?

There are not – you are free to re-sell as desired. We can provide assistance on re-sales as we often have potential buyers looking for specific lots/phases.

How is electricity provided?

Electricity is provided at 110 volts, the same plug style as in the U.S.  The electricity source varies depending on which phase the lot is in, but is either delivered by the local power company if through the standard grid or if in our Suenos, Cascada and Mesa phases, the power is delivered by our new highly available Solar MicroGrid that’s also backed up by the local power grid. The standard grid in Nicaragua has relied primarily on fossil fuels in the past, but recent major investments in alternative power are tilting the balance. In fact on the drive from Managua to San Juan del Sur you can’t miss the giant turbines of the Amayo Wind Project on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, now the largest operating wind facility in Central America.

What about water?

Water is provided via high capacity fresh-water wells operated by El Encanto. Each phase has its own set of wells to ensure uninterrupted capacity at peak usage levels, and the water piping is run from those wells up to each lot.

How much does it cost to build a home?

As is the case anywhere, costs vary greatly depending on the level of fit and finish required. It is possible to build on your Nicaragua property in the $70-80 sq ft range if using simpler materials and incorporating  outdoor spaces into the living areas. $120 sq ft is a more typical number when building with nicer finishes.

If I buy a lot do I have to build right away?

There are no hard dates by which building has to happen on a lot.

How long does it take to build a home?

Once plans are in place the construction process will typically takes 8-10 months, depending on the month started or more specifically on the weather. The planning phase varies greatly and depends primarily on the owner.

Do I have to use your builders? 

No, you can use any architect or contractor you’d like. We do of course recommend our designs and builders as they can deliver great custom homes, built for our environment, and often at a discount vs other builders.

There are design and construction guidelines to follow for all builders, put in place to ensure all residents preserve the views and privacy they imagined when purchasing their lots.

Can I rent my property?

Yes you may rent your property as much or as little as you like, and Nicaragua property rentals are in demand as tourism continues to accelerate.  Currently owners are managing their own rentals through VRBO and similar sites. El Encanto plans to offer rental management services in the near future, but in the meantime we can assist owners with referrals to reliable property management companies.