San Juan del Sur

A well-known surfing destination, San Juan del Sur has so much to offer. The beach is just one of the town’s many attractive features. Travelers from around the globe gather to enjoy a vibrant nightlife and thriving food culture, as well. Daytime activities include zip-lining through the jungle and hillside horseback rides.

San Juan is a scenic two-hour drive from the Managua Airport and less than an hour from the border of Costa Rica. Once you’re in San Juan, the entrance to El Encanto is just six minutes away.

El Encanto climbs from sea level into the sky. Starting in Las Casitas, only 15 minutes from town, the development goes uphill into our Nacasolo phase.  Head through the pristine Valle Encanto to reach the secluded Las Mesas and Las Cascadas phases, then up again to the hilltop Los Suenos phase. Further east, the continental divide rises to 1,000 feet, where you will find the best views in the Montecito lots, which overlook the Toro, San Juan and Nacascolo Bays.

The mountains and their internationally renowned coffee plantations are three hours away and Ometepe and its twin volcanoes an easy day trip. If you ever get bored with the beach, then a whole new world of sights, sounds and action await in the mountains and rainforests of Nicaragua.

If you have any questions about transportation from the airport, into town, or to any one of the countless adventure and sightseeing destinations, please don’t hesitate to ask!

San Juan del Sur