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Big sweeping ocean views. Wild open spaces, trails for mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, with monkeys overhead. Lots from only $29k, homes from $150k.


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Montecito is now open, boasting more stunning ocean and jungle view lots. Ask as about special deals! : Montecito


El Encanto @ San Juan del Sur @ Nicaragua

El Encanto is a fast-growing community perfectly positioned to take in all the best San Juan del Sur Nicaragua has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home, a vacation rental property or even a place to settle in down the line, you’re in the right place. And it’s the right time.. Nicaragua real estate and tourism is on the upswing in a big way, and San Juan is where everyone wants to go on the Pacific coast.

From our entrance, town a mere 6 minute drive away. In San Juan del Sur Nicaragua you’ll find all manner of restaurants, classic beach bars, and local shops all packaged in a charmingly rustic colonial setting.

And the beaches? They’re everywhere, spreading north and south, mile after mile of largely untouched and beautifully underpopulated stretches of sand and surf. You can have your surf in sizes from kiddy-pool small to watch-out-overhead, just choose your beach.

Beyond the beach, horseback riding, sport fishing, ziplining, mountain biking and more await in San Juan del Sur itself. Go just a bit further afield and add to your itinerary the twin volcanoes of Ometepe, the colonial charm of Granada, turtle sanctuaries, coffee plantations, and if you’re looking for that extra bit of thrill, volcano boarding.

All of this in one of the safest, least spoiled and most affordable tropical destinations you’ll find anywhere in the world. We invite you to come see El Encanto and experience it all yourself. It’s the best of Nicaragua real estate, and whole lot more…